Our Divisions

Our fundamental goal is to make the future better. That's why we've got few divisions.
In order to meet our needs and those of our allies, we have several divisions.


Diplomacy being the keystone of a better world, we have made it our main activity.


The relational branch of diplomacy is the very heart of the Division. Its staff is responsible for maintaining peaceful diplomatic relations with all other existing organizations.

The Guard

The Guard is responsible for ensuring honor and security missions for the benefit of Aclandia's diplomacy, as well as security missions for the benefit of the public.


The Logistics Division is responsible for transporting resources and staff for the entire organization.


The Industrial Division is in charge of the mining activities (mining, refining, industrial exploitation).

Tourism (AIJ)

Aclandia Interstellar Journey is responsible for the transport of goods and staff and has a vital role in the proper functioning of logistics.


The cargo branch is in charge of the Trading / Commerce part of the Logistics Division.


The resources branch includes the activities of mining, refining and the resale of purchased products.


Having a real support role, the refueling branch is in charge of supplying our organization with quantum and hydrogen. It also carries out economic activities.


With a view to advancing the future into a bright future, our science division aims to bring advancements in the field of medicine and exploration.

Trauma Team

A small squad of specialists in the medical field, their particularity is the carrying of weapons in order to accomplish the various missions entrusted to them in high-risk areas.

Our History

Born from a human colony, Aclandia refers to a world colonized as early as 2440.

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Ours Partners

Here is our main partners :

Minage et Trading

UEX Corporation

UEX Corporation

Partenaire commercial

Logistique et Transport

Transit Star Lines

Transit Star Lines

Partenaire commercial


Fondation Event Horizon

Fondation Event Horizon

Partenaire médical

Ingénierie, ressources

Heris Foundation

Heris Foundation

Partenaire commercial

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