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Born from a human colony, Aclandia refers to a world colonized as early as 2440.
This colony had chosen to go into exile from their home world in the year 2235, when the first interstellar exploration vessels ever created by man arrived.
Aboard the Astre ship, a chariot-class ship, they traveled from planets to planets and then from system to system before reaching in 2420 what would be their new world: Aclandia. A continental planet separated by a vast ocean.


As we stepped on this new world, all were united in the idea that we could make the future better.
The planet's colony went through a period of adaptation and expansion that lasted about ten years due to the fairly harsh climatic conditions of their world. Mainly due to slight earthquakes. However, despite the vagaries of the weather, there were more than 6,000 individuals in the only city on the planet : Hestia.


For 3 centuries, the colony continued to expand until it achieved a certain autonomy. Thus guaranteeing each member of the colony a certain lifestyle. There were more than 450,000 inhabitants.
It was in the year 2748 that the council in charge of the colony became aware of the growing problem in their world: The instability of its core, which could lead to the annihilation of all forms of life on the planet.
By exerting vast efforts for 1 year, the council realized that there was no chance of saving their dying world. It was the moment to prepare an emergency solution, as their ancestors had done six centuries ago: Travel to another world.

4 expeditions were set out with the aim of finding a viable new world. 3 expeditions were reported missing. The last expedition, the Pegasus Expedition, had encountered a ship of the Messer Regime.

Promising at first sight for the inhabitants of Aclandia, this expedition had turned into a coup d'état with the arrival of the troops of the Messer Regime.


In the year 2750, the world of Aclandia experienced an era of subjugation when the Messer Regime entered their system, which did not hesitate to bring men, women and children to their knees. While eliminating the most unwanted without worrying about the increasingly unstable living conditions of the planet.
3 years later, the worst happened. At the first light of dawn, the earth began to shake severely for over an hour, threatening the army of the Messer Regime.
Under the order of the officer in charge, Sergeant-Major Adams Kirul, a general retreat was ordered for the soldiers of the Messer Regime.
It was in this hasty flight that lay the salvation of the members of the colony who took up arms and took advantage of the military anarchy of the army of the Messer Regime to regain control of their planet.


The battle lasted few hours in favor of the inhabitants of the planet.
Combining chaos, fear and incomprehension, the battle unfolded brutally, gradually giving way to eruptions and incessant lava flows. Members of the colony could sense the chaos this portended.
A general evacuation was given when members of the colony reached the devastated spaceports. No longer able to flee due to the extent of the damage to the ground, all thought they were doomed.

It was without counting on the assistance of a transport company freshly arrived in the sector, witness of this macabre spectacle. The Transit Star Lines chartered the few ships at her disposal to save as many people as possible, but with the planet collapsing on itself, only a few people embarked.

The survivors of this cataclysm, escorted by their new ally, followed the fleet of the Messer Regime at distance and traveled long months before reaching Garron II.
A world that the Messer Regime had chosen to terraform regardless of the life forms present. They used this event to provoke an insurrectionary movement so powerful that it would destroy the Messer Regime on Earth.


When the Messer Regime ends, the Earth was undergoing significant changes in its economy and the way it functions. Taking advantage of this windfall, members of Aclandia set up a small business under the same name as their fallen world. The company began its activity with the establishment of transport routes between different systems and the opening of diplomatic channels between different other companies.

158 years later, the company has grown into an organization based on diplomacy and commerce. Moreover, it was following the arrival of a number of new commercial competitors that the management of Aclandia sealed decisive agreements for the future of the company. One of the most successful being the United Express Corporation - Aclandia agreement stipulating the establishment of a strong partnership with the goal to strengthening the economy of neighboring systems to that of Stanton.

Building on this continued success, the group continued its ascent by concluding a number of partnerships. Thus, Wyrd Industries and UNSC became 2 major partners within the Aclandia ecosystem. In the year 2951, the group signed a contract with the late Quantic Corp, a company specializing in commerce and defense, to mutually agree to buy back Quantic Corp and its facilities.

Apparently, the emblem of the company said to be the planet Aclandia represented in its present form. A planet devastated by time.

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